I host many webinars each month for mamas so YOU can learn about all things SLEEP and why sleep is so important to get right for our little ones. It’s also a great way to network and meet new mamas as each session is with a small group to keep it really intimate and informal. Book your space now!

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Sleepy Baby 6-12 Months – Webinar

Wednesdays | 1 hr | £20 
Topics covered:

The science of sleep, how to create a solid routine for my baby, what is the optimal sleep environment, what are wakeful windows, what are sleep cycles, sleep regressions & how do I cope, napping & how much sleep does my baby need, dummy talk, building positive sleep associations, child development & sleep, why gently coaching my baby to show them how to self-settle is so important, the benefits of sleep coaching, finished with a Q&A




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