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Are you exhausted? Are you tired of being exhausted? Do you and your family need sleep? Help getting your baby into a proper routine or support with teaching your baby how to self-settle? Is bedtime a battle with your toddler? Does your 4 year old fight bedtime for hours?

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Why we need sleep 

So much happens with our bodies when we sleep. Our bodies repair and replenish when we sleep. It is so important for a baby’s brain development and brain development, general development and healthy immune system.

The amount of sleep a baby or child has will directly affect their mood, alertness and ability to concentrate and participate with what is going on around them.

Quality sleep is as important to a baby as the nourishment they get. In adults sleep is important for keeping hearts healthy, reducing stress, feeling more active, boosting memory, helping body to replenish, reducing risk of depression and making us more productive.

Some of the first signs of sleep deprivation are irritability, moodiness and disinhibition. Sleep deprived mothers often feel overwhelmed, short tempered and can even be depressed.

The simple fact is that sleep is important for us all.

You are on my website because you need help with your little one’s sleep and in return, your sleep will improve, promise!

common challenges

My little one won’t self-settle

Are you rocking your baby to sleep? Always taking your baby out in the pram to get them to sleep? Feeding your baby to sleep? You just don’t know how to get them to go to sleep on their own? You are lost because everyone tells you to put your baby down awake but when you do this your baby is hysterical? Are you still in the room with your 2 year old waiting for them to fall asleep? Self-settling is one of the most important things to tackle for all babies. I can help you get your little one to a point where you can put them down awake for naps and sleep and leave the room, allowing them to fall asleep on their own. You can start structured sleep training from 16 weeks onwards but it’s not too late if your little one is older.

My baby NEEDS a dummy to nap & sleep

Are you fed up of having to reinsert the dummy about 20 times a night? Let’s ditch that dummy! I can help you remove the dummy completely and your baby will sleep much better. There have been studies that have shown babies with dummies do not sleep as long for naps and throughout the night. I cracked this with my own daughter inside 2 days – yes two days. It really is straight forward if you use my structured approach.

I need a flexible routine for me & my baby

My routines are flexible and work around you. Unlike other routines you can buy cheaply online, you will not be housebound. I believe it’s important to get you and your baby out and about for socialising, exploring and for getting that good old vitamin D.

My baby is a serial catnapper

Does your baby only nap for 20-45 minutes at a time? Your baby is struggling to link their sleep cycles and this can be a very common challenge for babies who approach the 6 month mark. There are things we can do to gently extend naps so you can get some “you” time back. I can give you the support to give you confidence to get your baby sleeping longer. 

Bedtime is a battle with my toddler

Are bedtimes taking too long? Does it take hours to settle your little one? 1, 2 3 or 4 hours to settle your baby, toddler or child? Is your toddler refusing to go to bed at bedtime and it’s taking hours to get them settled? When we work together, we will be able to improve bedtime so it’s painless and enjoyable for you, your little one and the whole family.

My baby is waking up in the night

Is your baby waking up at 5am? Or is your baby frequently waking throughout the night for long periods of time? I can help you tackle this problem that all parents have (you are not the only one) and make adjustments to get you to a point where your little one is waking at a more socialable time.


Are those generic sleep plans from Google not working for you? No wonder, every child is unique. I offer 1:1 sleep support calls and DIY sleep plans that you can purchase from my shop.




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