I’m obsessed with sleep and super passionate about helping frustrated and exhausted parents, like you, to get their children (0-6 years) to sleep happily and healthily.
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My background

So a bit about me… I’m Amy and I’m a mother of two beautiful girls, wife and certified sleep consultant who needs 8+ hours (ideally 9 or 10) sleep a night so I became obsessed with sleep when my baby arrived. When I say obsessed, I mean it got unhealthy at times so I have had to adapt to the lack of sleep that motherhood brings.

I like sleep! You know that by now. Now when I say I like sleep, I mean I am the sort of woman who would quite happily take a two hour daytime nap on a weekend.

I am dedicated and utterly passionate about helping families get better sleep using gentle sleep techniques. Lots of the gentle techniques I use are ones which I have used personally at home. I believe it’s important to live by what you teach.

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Why hire me as your sleep consultant?

Let’s start by looking at “how do I know if I need to hire a sleep consultant”? Do you relate to any of the below?

I am exhausted, stressed and upset

I am sleep deprived because my child is not sleeping well

My mood is impacted and I am more short-tempered at work and home

My personal relationships are suffering

I am not getting enough sleep and this is having an impact on my health

I am spending more money to simplify things in my life (ordering takeaways, etc)

If yes, please consider getting help from a qualified sleep expert.

A sleep expert is invaluable as a third party advisor. Have you ever had a problem that you could not solve but someone else could see a simple solution in an instant? Coming at a problem from a different perspective is a game changer. A fresh pair of eyes can work wonders. A trained qualified professional will look at your life as a whole and suggest schedules and routines that fit around you. With families, one size does not fit all so a program is tailored to suit each set of circumstances.

Having a professional guide you through things will help keep emotions in check. Just think, within a few short weeks, you could be enjoying a full night of sleep and the consultancy fee will then seem worth every single penny! PROMISE!

I can help you so PLEASE get in touch if you are struggling.


“Amy has helped me personally get into an excellent routine with our 9 month old baby. She has given me something that is bulletproof and I can tweak and modify as our son grows. She is really easy to talk to and if something wasn’t working then Amy would listen to us and adapt her methods to fit.”

“We used Amy to help our 4 month old self-settle. With out first baby we didn’t do this so I was really adamant that I wanted to start sleep training from a young age with out second. I am so glad that I used Amy for our 4 month old as she is now 6 months old and is a breeze to put down for nap times and bedtimes. Amy helped us through the whole process. There were times when I was in doubt about everything I was doing and whether I was doing the right thing but Amy guided me so well through everything and I couldn’t thank her enough. I would highly recommend using Amy and starting young with sleep training.”

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